Vinylsiloxanether® - Identium®

For us, good is never good enough. It is our ambition to always innovate and improve. From this aspiration, a entirely new material has emerged for the one-step impression technique. Identium® from Vinylsiloxanether® (VSXE®) combines for the first time the advantages of A-silicone and polyether in one. A perfect balance. Vinylsiloxanether® (VSXE®) is extremely hydrophilic, highly flowable, provides excellent resilience and offers a high degree of comfort for the user and the patient. With accurate impressions in the narrowest crevices and high definition even in the moist sulcus, Identium® the optimal basis for identical transfer of the clinical situation in the mouth onto the working model. Identium® is available in the viscosities Medium, Medium soft, Heavy and Light in regular-set and fast-set version.

Identium® Medium

Identium® Medium is a medium viscosity impression material in a jumbo cartridge with high final hardness for the one-step impression technique.

Identium® Medium Cartridge

Identium® Medium Jumbo cartridge

Identium Medium

Identium® Medium Fast Cartridge

Identium® Medium Fast Jumbo cartridge

Identium Medium Fast

Identium® Heavy

Product advisor for impression techniques

Identium® Heavy is a high viscosity tray material with high final hardness available in foil bags. It is particularly suitable for the double mix technique (in combination with low viscosity Identium® Light).

Identium® Heavy Cartridge

Identium® Heavy Jumbo cartridge

Identium® Heavy Fast Cartridge

Identium® Heavy Fast Jumbo cartridge

Identium Heavy Fast

Identium® Light

Identium® Light is a low viscosity impression material available in the 1:1 cartridge. It is particularly suitable for the double mix technique (in combination with high viscosity Identium® Heavy).

Identium® Light

Identium® Light Fast

Identium Light

Identium Light fast