Profisil® 24

Exploit the full potential of your stone model: Profisil® is a very quick, high-grade, two-component A-silicone that impresses users with its exceptionally accurate reproduction during dublicating – regardless of whether the duplicate model is fabricated using denatl stone, investment or model resin. Profisil® 24 has a shore-A-hardness of 24 (also available as Profisil® 15 with a shore-A-hardness of 15).

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • Precise duplication thanks to high dimensional stability.
  • Ideal for milling, telescope or precision attachment work that requires maximum precision.
  • Short mixing and setting time (mixing time in the vacuum device 30 seconds; setting time 15 minutes at 23°).
  • Quick final set.
  • Flows bubble-free onto models and dies.
  • Accurate reproduction of structures and sharp edges.
  • High dimensional accuracy.
  • Shore-A-Hardness 24.