Futar® Scan


Futar® Scan is a scannable, addition-curing bite registration material based on vinyl polysiloxane. Extra hard, extra quick setting. Futar® Scan stands out from other products because of its high-quality scan results, which are even attained without the use of powder! The outstanding optical properties (optimum dynamic value!) guarantee high recording quality and optimal image reproduction.

Not available in all markets.

Product advantages

  • Optimum scan results in comparative tests (without the use of powder!)
  • For optical and laser systems
  • Extra hard (Shore-D 35) and extra quick (working time: 15 sec.; intraoral setting time: 45 sec.)
  • Very easy to cut with a scalpel
  • Dispensed using small, short mixing tips
  • Can also be used for standard bite registration!

Benefits for the dentist

  • Optimal image reproduction, without errors.
  • Can be used in the dental office or laboratory for all currently available CAD/CAM systems.
  • Optimal bite registration in minimal time
  • Easy handling, also intraorally.
  • Minimal material use.
  • One material for many applications.